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Flic belongs to the international financial group IPF, which provides various financial services. What loans can we receive from Flic and who are they targeting?

Flic is a fast cash loan, which we can receive completely via the Internet. Flic loans are directed primarily to those people who need quick and convenient money – for any purpose. The method of applying for a loan is very easy, because you only need to fill in the field on the form on the website. Once the application has been accepted, then even within 15 minutes a bank transfer will be made with a loan.

Flicredit – how much can we borrow?

A non-bank loan at Flic can be obtained in the amount from PLN 800 to PLN 15 000. The repayment period is from 3 to 36 months. On the company’s website, we can use a special calculator that will show us how much our monthly installment will be when we decide on a specific sum. We will also see how many times we will have to pay back.

Thanks to the fact that the loan offered by Flic is installment-based, the debt can be repaid in convenient installments. Thanks to this the borrower gains flexibility and can choose for himself the offer that will be the most attractive. What’s more, Flic offers clients the opportunity to take advantage of repayment holidays even after 2 months of taking a loan. In this way, the customer can postpone the payment when he has other expenses temporarily.

Who can count on a loan in Flic?

Who can count on a loan in Flic?

Loans offered by Flic are offered to people who have documented income. Persons who are unable to provide relevant certificates will not be able to count on additional financial support, unfortunately. Also, the company checks its clients with debtors’ databases, so if we have had problems with repayment in the past, Flic may refuse to grant us a loan.

As we mentioned earlier, Flic loans are adjusted to the client, so the amount of money we receive depends primarily on our creditworthiness. If it is quite low, in such a situation we will not be able to count on too high a loan. However, if our ability is assessed as very good, we can receive even the maximum sum offered by the company.

If you are looking for an alternative offer for Flic loans, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer in Aasa. Our installment loan is also available for people who need fast financial support and we provide it completely via the Internet. The maximum loan amount is PLN 10,000 to be repaid in 24 months. We invite you to familiarize with the offer and submit an online application!

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